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No matter where your talents in the fashion industry lie, today’s new world brings along new challenges. Whether you are a designer, a product development professional, or are in the market for new sourcing solutions, our panel of experts from Pantone, Morphew, and Fashion Angel Warrior are ready to help.

Watch the webinar to learn from our experts about solutions for creating, reusing, selling and sourcing to help you transition and develop strategies for the future of your business.


Ways to develop and reuse existing clothing and fabrics
Options for both sourcing and selling fashion
Future color trends
Tools for design
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Laurie Pressman
Laurie Pressman is the Vice-President of the Pantone Color Institute. In addition to managing a global consortium of color and trend experts, Laurie presents on color and trend to design audiences worldwide and works directly with leading brands on their brand and product color selections.  Laurie is also involved in the development of Pantone’s color research and color trend forecasting products and sits on the Home Products Board at FIT and the Fashion Advisory Board at Savannah College of Art and Design.
Bridgette Morphew
Bridgette Morphew is a creative entrepreneur with unparalleled aesthetic instincts. Her expansive understanding of the fashion business has shaped her successful and inspirational career. While still a college student in Florida, Bridgette Morphew started her first business, Victim Clothing, a t-shirt company. Through Victim she learned the process of branding and exploring design. The business quickly grew into a pop culture phenomenon, and was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and The New York Times. Upon graduating, Bridgette moved to one of the world's fashion meceos, New York City. In 2005, she started Paradox Designs with a fundamental yet revolutionary idea: collect and curate rore fashion artifacts to provide fashion designers with an exclusive source of historical context. With a collection of over 5,000 pieces, Paradox is now a well-respected resource for the world's most celebrated designers. Bridgette's unique vintage archive sparked interest among trendsetters like rock stars, actors and artists. With that in mind, in November 2013 Bridgette and her team created a new brand, Morphew, that serves a fashion-loving retail clientele. Morphew enables Bridgette to expand her founding mission beyond industry insiders to a community of enthusiasts and collectors.
Bridgette Morphew
Christine Daal is the CEO & Founder of the fashion consulting agency, Fashion Angel Warrior LLC.  Her experience spans over 15 years in the industry, reaching the position of VP of Design and Merchandising by the age of 30 and then starting her own successful fashion line.  Today she coaches fashionpreneurs on how to leave their 9-5 and have a profitable business.  Through 1 on 1 coaching, online courses, project and digital management, and fashion manufacturing tours in NYC, LA, and Miami, her goal is to help you turn your passion for fashion into a reality!
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